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Posted on Monday, 31st Aug, 2015 at 06:20:54 PM
Local education authorities and schools must keep information on each pupils educational progress. They may also keep a record of other information, for example, about the pupils medical history, family background, personality and predictions of future potential. The way in which the information is stored will vary between local education authorities and individual schools. Some will store all the information on computer, while others will keep manual records.

The people who have the right to see school records are the pupil themselves and their parents. You must be allowed to see your childs school record if you make a written request to do so. You must also be supplied with a copy of the record if you ask for it in writing. It should be supplied free of charge or at no greater cost than that of photocopying/postage.

In Wales, the head teacher can arrange for the record to be translated into Welsh, English or any other language that they feel to be appropriate. If a fee is charged for the translated record, it should be no greater than for the original record.

The record must be disclosed within 15 days of receiving the written request for it.
If you think that any part of the school record is inaccurate, write to the local education authority or school holding the record. If the school record is inaccurate, it must be amended.
School records will not be disclosed if:
the record would give information about another pupil
the record holder believes that disclosure would cause serious harm to the pupil in question or to someone else
the record holder believes the record is relevant to whether the pupil is at risk of child abuse or has been a victim of child abuse.

The Department for Education and Employment has clarified that the parent with whom the child does not normally live is entitled (unless restricted by the Court) to the same rights as the parent with whom the child lives under issues relating to the Education Act. This means that a non resident parent, has the same rights to information that the resident parent has.

Under education legislation, if you are the natural parent or have been granted parental responsibility, you are within your rights to receive information regarding your childs schooling. It is essential that you make sure that the school has your address and knows that you want the same information sent to both parents.

Letter template:

Head Teachers Name,
The School Name
The School Address

Your name
Your Address
Your Telephone number
Your email if possible Todays date

Dear (head teachers name)

I am the mother/father of (childs name) and understand they are attending your school. I would be grateful if you could update your records with my contact details and keep me informed of:
Details of all school reports concerning (childs name)
Dates of parents evenings and all other events that a parent may attend.
Details of sports days and any play activities my child is involved with.
Any activities where PR is required.
Any problems or issues my child may have.
Any other important matters relating to (childs name)
I am keen to support (childs name) educational program and if you require any other information or wish to talk to me, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above details.

Yours sincerely

Your Name

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By Adele griffiths (from isle of wight) on 21-Nov-2015
Hi I had my daughter taken off me in 2013, since she is living with her dad and has started nursery, he wont let me contact the nursery or give me any information on when activities are, I still have my PR of my daughter can you help me get information from the nursery please
By Lee rogers (from Rhos) on 18-Oct-2015
Can you help with getting copies of my children's school stuff?
By John D (from Liverpool) on 18-Oct-2015
Thank you so much for this information, my son has not got his sons school report.


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