Powers available to the Court

Posted on Monday, 31st Aug, 2015 at 05:30:25 PM
Appointment of a CAFCASS Officer
Appointment of a Guardian-ad-Litem to represent the child's bests interests and 'ascertainable' wishes and feelings
Appointment of an Expert (psychologist), and psychological assessments of the parents and/or child
Involvement of Social Services
Supervised contact and reporting

The court should (albeit arguably does not sufficiently) satisfy itself that CAFCASS Officers, Guardians, Social Workers and Experts have sufficient experience to investigate and report upon cases where the child might be alienated and his or her ascertainable wishes and feelings are obscurred through alienation.

Powers/Orders Also Available to the Court
Parenting Information Programmes (courses to focus parents on appropriate parenting)
Penal Notices (the potential exists that the Warning Notice on an existing contact or child arrangements order is not on the face of the order, and this should be corrected)
Punitive (community service, fine or imprisonment for contempt of court in the event of non-compliance with orders)
Counselling/Therapy (for the parents and/or child)
Suspension of residence (or 'living arrangements' within the confines of a child arrangements order) as a stark warning to the alienating parent
Reversal of residence (or 'living arrangements' within the confines of a child arrangements order) to remove the child from abuse
Temporary Care Order to assist in the transfer of residence where the child has become alienated and an immediate transfer of residence is not possible
Family Assistance Order - whereby a welfare officer will assist the family for a period of up to 12 months
Supervision Order - if the child is identified at being risk of harm through emotional/psychological abuse
Specific Issue Order - in respect of such things as the child attending therapy
Prohibitive Steps Order - limiting the alienating parents' role in aspects of the child's life where their involvement may be harmful or perpetuate alienation.

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