Keeping to the Agreement

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 09:06:52 PM
Following the Pre Proceedings Meeting, an official agreement will be drawn up, outlining what you have agreed with the local authority needs to be done in order to look after your child better. This agreement is a formal document laying down what you must do to make sure that your child is adequately protected. Keeping to the agreement is vital if you want to prevent social services taking further action to take your children into care.

The agreement can include any number of things and is dependent upon the circumstances that gave rise to social services concern over the welfare of your child in the first place.

Some aspects of the agreement are things the parents must do. These could include:
making sure their child goes to school every day;
taking their child to a friend or family member when the parent goes to work or college;
meeting a health visitor every week to check on the childs health; or
seeing a drug and alcohol adviser.
Other aspects might include things that the childs social worker must do, such as:
asking a health visitor to visit the child; or
asking a drug and alcohol adviser to visit the parents.

It is important that you understand exactly what you are being asked to do in the agreement.
It is also very important that you do not agree to anything that you are unable to do.
If you dont keep to the agreement, the local authority will almost certainly ask a court for permission to take your child into care.

In order to monitor how you are keeping to the agreement, you will need to go to regular meetings with your local authority. At the meetings, you will be asked about what you have done to keep to the agreement. The local authority will also ask people you had to meet, like health visitors, to tell them if you have met them, and what they think about your childs situation.

It is helpful if you keep notes of what actions you have taken to keep in the agreement. You will be able to produce these at later meeting to show that you are doing what you agreed to do to better care for your child.

Where possible, you should try to do things in addition to the terms of the agreement to better care for your child. Anything you can do to show that you are a capable and suitable parent for your child will further your case. As with parts of the agreement, you should keep notes of anything additional you do and bring these to future meetings.

If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep to some aspect of the agreement, contact your care proceedings solicitor as soon as you can. They might be able to get the agreement changed, or think of something else you could do instead to help your child.

If you believe that your childs social worker has not upheld their side of the agreement by failing to do something that they were meant to have done, again you should contact your solicitor as soon as possible.

They will contact the social worker to find out why.If you think that your childs social worker is not helping you, your solicitor can take this matter up on your behalf.

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