Outcome of section 47 enquiries:

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 11:56:43 PM
Childrens Childrens Social Care/Disabled Childrens Service social workers are responsible for deciding what action to take and how to proceed following section 47 enquiries.

If Childrens Social Care/Disabled Childrens Service decides not to proceed to a child protection conference then other professionals involved with the child and family have the right to request that Childrens Social Care/Disabled Childrens Service convene a conference, if they have serious concerns that a childs welfare may not be adequately safeguarded. Concerns should be raised through the agencys safeguarding lead to the Children's Social Care/Disabled Childrens Service Group Manager, the concerns should be raised to the NYSCB Business Unit Manager.

Where concerns of significant harm are not substantiated:
Social workers with their managers should:

Discuss the case with the child, parents and other professionals;
Determine whether support from any services may be helpful and help secure it; and
Consider whether the childs health and development should be re-assessed regularly against specific objectives and decide who has responsibility for doing this.

All involved professionals should:

Participate in further discussions as necessary;

Contribute to the development of any plan as appropriate;

Provide services as specified in the plan for the child; and
Review the impact of services delivered as agreed in the plan.

Where concerns of significant harm are substantiated and the child is judged to be suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm:

Social workers with their managers should:

Convene an initial child protection conference. The timing of this conference will depend on the urgency of the case and respond to the needs of the child and the nature and severity of the harm they may be facing.

The initial child protection conference should take place within 15 working days of a strategy discussion, or the strategy discussion at which section 47 enquiries were initiated, if more than one has been held;

Consider whether any professionals with specialist knowledge should be invited to participate;

Ensure that the child and their parents understand the purpose of the conference and who will attend; and

Help prepare the child if he or she is attending or making representations through a third party to the conference.

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