C100 Family Court Application Form (Child Arrangement Order)

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 01:48:10 PM
ESSENTIAL information for your C100 form

Page 1
The full name(s) of the children in the proceedings;
Their date(s) of birth;
Their gender;
The applicant´s relationship to the child(ren);
The respondent´s relationship to the child(ren).

Page 2
The applicant´s full name;
Any previous names;
The applicant´s gender and date of birth;
The applicant´s address, including the postcode;

Note: if the applicant does not wish the address to be made known it should be included in an accompanying form C8.

Page 3
The respondent´s full name;
Previous surnames (if known);
The respondent´s gender and date of birth;
The respondent´s address, including the postcode;
The respondent´s telephone number and if applicable, mobile telephone.

Page 5
Solicitor details, including a telephone number. If you do not have a solicitor, and are representing yourself, write ´litigant-in-person´.

Page 6
The names of the child´s parents;
If the child is not living with either the Applicant or Respondent you must give:
the child´s current address;
the full names of the adults living with them and their relationship or involvement with the child.

Page 7
The nature of the application for each child e.g. which kind of application you are seeking, and very briefly explain why. A short paragraph is sufficient, as you will have the opportunity to explain further in court.

Page 8
Have the child(ren) suffered or are at risk of suffering harm. If they, or you have experienced or are genuinely at risk of domestic violence, you should also complete Form C1A.

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