Scott Schedule

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 09:45:33 PM
A Scott Schedule is a table used to help the Court and the parties see clearly what allegations are being made and what the response is to each. This helps the Court to analyse whether a fact finding hearing is actually necessary and ensures that if it is the evidence is focused on the issues that are actually in dispute, and that the judgement covers all the necessary points.

The person making the allegations starts by breaking down their allegations into separate numbered allegations, giving a date for each (or an estimation of the date if unsure) and a short summary of what it is said happened. The fuller account will be contained in the witness statement.

The person responding responds by writing next to each allegation admitted or denied or by giving a summary of the alternative version of events. If the response involves making allegations against the other party (cross allegations) or if there are totally separate cross allegations (i.e. ones that are not simply alternate versions of the original allegations but which are not referred to at all in the allegations so far listed) these should be included in a counter schedule, which the person making the original allegations will need to respond to.Bundle page references should be included if possible, but if not the witness statement should be identified by date and paragraph number given.

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