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Posted on Tuesday, 15th Apr, 2014 at 04:15:03 PM
To prepare any statement is a challenge and to prepare one concerning the future of a child is hugely intimidating. Anyone who has been to court has read them. Modern statements contain less Latin and legalese jargon in order not to exclude the lay reader but nevertheless many are baffling to even comprehend let alone produce. This section aims to equip you with the skills to produce statements that are acceptable to the court as evidence and are of such a quality to effectively face scrutiny and opposition by opposing counsel. It should go without saying though that mere technique and style is not enough. Every statement must have a high quality of substance combined with technical skills in writing and application of the law. Courts deal with two elements normally. Matters of fact and points of law. The law is applied to the facts and we must present our argument in a cogent format that is recognised by the Court and drives to the point of an application or response referring to the specific statutory instruments or laws being applied. Furthermore it should lead the Judge to a natural conclusion and eliminate areas of doubt in his mind by addressing them. As with verbal submissions, written submissions too must be brief and pertinent and without digression or padding. Professional lawyers, judges and legislators are experts in weighing every single word and applying it literally.

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