Child Supervision Order

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 04:40:31 PM
A Child Supervision Order allows the Local Authority to assist and befriend the parents of the child and support them in providing appropriate parenting for the child. This often applies to cases where the parents need extra support and guidance in raising their child.

Will the Local Authority have Parental Responsibility over my child?
Unlike a Care Order, a Child Supervision Order does not give the Local Authority Parental Responsibility. The role of the Local Authority is simply to guide you as a parent and support with the child’s upbringing.

Supervision Orders - section 31 Children Act 1989
These orders are made on the same basis as care orders i.e. that the child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm.

These orders do not confer parental responsibility on the local authority, but when there is a supervision order in force it is the duty of the supervisor to:
1) advise, assist and befriend the supervised child
2) take steps that are reasonably necessary to give effect to the order and
3) where the order is not wholly complied with or the supervisor considers that the order is no longer necessary, to consider whether or not to apply to the court to vary or discharge the order.

A supervision order may require the supervised child to comply with directions given by the supervisor to do things such as:
1) live at a place specified by the supervisor
2) present themselves to specific people at specific places or times e.g. to meet with the social worker
3) to participate in activities specified on certain days.

A supervision order can also require the child to submit to medical or psychiatric examination as directed by the supervisor. This requirement will only be included where the court has been satisfied on evidence as to its need.

Initially a supervision order lasts for one year. The supervisor can apply to the court to extend supervision order, but the supervision order can only be in place for a maximum of three years.

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