C79 enforcement of a contact order

Posted on Sunday, 30th Aug, 2015 at 09:51:15 PM
If a person has failed to comply with a contact order you may wish to ask the court to use its powers to enforce the contact order. Where a contact order has been breached without reasonable excuse, you may apply to the court to:
Impose a community-based order requiring a person to undertake unpaid work (this is known as an enforcement order).

In order to make an application for an enforcement order or for financial compensation there must first be:
A contact order containing a warning notice
A failure to comply with the contact order

When you have filled in the forms:
Check the form
Check that you have said everything you want to say. When you have given the forms to the court office you will need the courts permission if you want to change anything on the forms.
Copy the forms
Make a copy of each form for yourself and for each respondent whose name you have put in Section 5.
If you need to notify a former representative of the child (as described in Section E), you will need to make a copy of the application for that person too.] Make the same number of copies of any other papers that you will give to the court with your forms.
These papers may include:
a court order
receipts or other documentation to support an application for compensation for financial loss.

Take, or send, to the court office:
the forms
the copies of those forms
the copies of the other papers
the court fee.
Making an application in an emergency.

In an emergency the court may let you make an application without telling other people. This is called making the application without notice. It may also be referred to as ex parte. If the court then makes an order you will have to provide a copy to anyone who is
affected by it. Tell the court office if you want the court to deal with your application without notice.

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